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drakfont ()
  • >> drakfont (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


    drakfont - manage TrueType fonts.


    drakfont [ -p pos_x pos_y ] [ -h ] [ -c ] [ -r ] [ -k ]


    Drakfont is intended to provide an easy way to install TrueType and *.pcf.gz fonts on your system, and remove them. It can also automatically install the fonts of your Windows pertition if you have one. Drakfont installs new fonts in '/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/drakfont' and Drakfont updates it as necessary. When asked for adding Windows fonts, drakfont will scan any MOUNTED vfat partitions. If your Windows partition is not mounted at boot, you'll have to mount it before launching drakfont. Be carefull not to install more fonts than xfs can support. IMPORTANT : when you choose to add fonts, be sure that you have the right to copy them on your system.



    Drakfont understands the following command line switches:

    -p pos_x pos_y
    Launch drakfont at the specified position

    -h, --help
    Display help screen

    -c, --check
    Rebuild fonts list

    -r, --rescue
    Rebuild fonts list with strong verification. No bogus fonts is accepted, but somme good fonts will be also removed. Try -c before -r.

    -k, --kill
    Remove the fonts installed with drakfont and clean the xfs configuration. Try -r before -k.



    Damien Krotkine (



    Drakfont verifies the integrity of the fonts directories each times the computer is restarted. If you find a bug, mail it to me.

    In rare case, drakfont may freeze your display, or crash your X server. This is due to malformed fonts. To correct crashed X or xfs, log you as root and launch drakfont -c (even from console), and if this doesn't resolve the bug, launch drakfont -r. If this doesn't work either, you can launch drakfont -k. It will clean everything, but the fonts will be erased too. I suggest you to re-install them one by one to find the bogus font that causes your X to crash. Be also carefull not to install more fonts than xfs can support.




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