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install-datebook ()
  • >> install-datebook (1) ( Solaris man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
  • install-datebook (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
         install-datebook - installs a new datebook entries in a  USR
         install-date /dev/cua? filename [filename filename ...]
         install-datebook allows the user to write one or more  date-
         book  entries  from  one or more source files. Once install-
         datebook is started, the user must  invoke  HotSync  on  the
         target device.
         The format of source file contains  one  datebook  entry  on
         line,  containing  four tab separated fields. The fields are
         start date/time, end  date/time,  alarm  settings,  and  the
         description  of  datebook  entry.   This program doesn't yet
         support repeted entries. The date and time must be in format
         understand  by  parsedate.y.  At least following formats are
         August 11, 1997 0800 GMT+300
         1997/08/11 08:22:33 GMT+300
         If the either one of the date and time fields is  empty  the
         entry is installed without time. If the alarm field is entry
         the entry is installed without alarms. Alarm field can  con-
         tain  number  followed by "m" (minutes), "h" (hours), or "d"
         (days). Here are some complete example  lines  ("  <TAB>  "=
         tab, " <NL> " = newline):
         1997/08/11 0800 GMT+300 <TAB> 1997/08/11 0900 GMT+300  <TAB>
         <TAB> IETF Registration <NL>
         August 11, 1997 0900 GMT+300  <TAB>  August  11,  1997  0930
         GMT+300 <TAB> 2m <TAB> Introductions <NL>
         The program will connect to a target, and write the file  or
         files given on the command line.
         If no timezone is given to date  the  install-datebook  will
         assume  the  time is in GMT and it will convert it to local-
         time. If you don't want to write timezone to all  begin  and
         end times set the TZ environment variable to GMT before run-
         ning this program.
         install-datebook    was    written    by    Tero     Kivinen
         <>.  This  program  was based on install-todos
         program written by Robert A. Kaplan.
         read-ical(1), pilot-xfer(1), ietf2datebook(1).

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