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newalias ()
  • >> newalias (1) ( Solaris man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
  • newalias (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


         newalias - install new elm aliases for user and/or system


         newalias [-g]


         Newalias creates new hash and data files from a  text  file.
         If  the  program  is  invoked with the -g (global) flag, the
         program updates the system alias files.  Otherwise, the pro-
         gram  looks  for  a file called $HOME/.elm/aliases.text and,
         upon  finding  it,  creates  files   $HOME/.elm/aliases.dir,
         $HOME/.elm/aliases.pag  and  $HOME/.elm/aliases  for the elm
         The format that the program expects is;
              alias, alias, .. = comment = address
              alias, alias, .. = comment = alias, alias, ...
         The first form is for an individual user such as;
              dave, taylor = Dave Taylor = veeger!hpcnou!dat
         or optionally as;
              dave, taylor = Taylor; Dave = veeger!hpcnou!dat
         to allow the aliases to be properly sorted by last name.
         The second is for defining a group alias such as;
              gurus = Unix Gurus = alan, john, dave, mike, richard,
                                larry, t_richardson
         Note that lines can be continued at will,  blank  lines  are
         accepted  without error, and that any line starting with '#'
         is considered a comment and is not processed.
         If the `comment', or `address' fields need  to  contain  `='
         characters,  those characters must either be escaped using a
         backslash character or the address must  be  inside  double-
         quotes (`"').
         Aliases are case insensitive so dave and Dave are  both  the
         same alias.
         Finally, aliases can contain other aliases, and/or groups;
              unix = Unix people = gurus, taylor, jonboy


         $HOME/.elm/aliases.text         alias source for user
         $HOME/.elm/aliases.dir          alias dbz directory for user
         $HOME/.elm/aliases.pag          alias dbz hash file for user
         $HOME/.elm/aliases              alias data file for user
         /usr/local/lib/aliases.text     alias source for system
         /usr/local/lib/aliases.dir      alias dbz directory for sys-
         /usr/local/lib/aliases.pag      alias data  hash  table  for
         /usr/local/lib/aliases          alias data file for system


         Elm Development Group


         elm(1L), elmalias(1L), checkalias(1L), mail(1), mailx(1)


         Newalias has a couple of descriptive  error  messages  which
         don't  need to be detailed here.  It is, however, worth not-
         ing that the checkalias program can be used to  ensure  that
         the  aliases  are  in the proper order and are available for
         the elm system.


         Bill Pemberton


         Copyright 1988-1995 by The USENET Community Trust
         Derived from Elm 2.0,  Copyright 1986, 1987 by Dave Taylor

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