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What applications or libraries currently use threads?

Thread-Using Packages/Libraries

Library: Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE)
Author: Douglas C. Schmidt
Repositories: Documentation []

Source []

Mirror []

Threads Lib: LinuxThreads
Description: The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) is an object-oriented programming toolkit for concurrent network applications and services. ACE encapsulates user-space UNIX and Win32 (Windows NT and Windows '95) OS mechanisms via portable, type-secure, efficient, and object-oriented interfaces. In addition, ACE contains a number of higher-space class categories and network programming frameworks. The following diagram illustrates the key components in ACE and their hierarchical relationships.
License: License []
Title: AolServer
Author: []
Repositories: Source []
Threads Lib: (Uses internal system calls to clone()?)
Description: A free webserver (multiplatform) [Feature Sheet]
License: License []
Title: Executor
Author: []
Repositories: Binary []
Threads Lib: Uses its own scheduler but uses clone() for sound subsystem written by Pat Lopresti []
Description: A100% native software Macintosh emulator for PCs. Executor lets you read and write Mac-formatted high-density floppies and Mac SCSI drives, read Mac CDs, and run many Macintosh programs.
License: (commerial software)

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