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comp.protocols.ppp part6 of 8 of frequently wanted information

This document contains information about the Internet Point-to-Point Protocol, including a bibliography, a list of public domain and commercial software and hardware implementations, a section on configuration hints and a list of frequently asked questions and answers on them. It should be read by anybody interested in connecting to Internet
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                                            How to get more PPP Information
                    6. HOW TO GET MORE PPP INFORMATION
                               6.1 FTP SITES
   try also the ftp sites mentioned above in the  'packages' section.
        Merit PPP collection at
       KA9Q NOS collection at
       A  list of AmiNET mirrors  (for Amiga networking software) can be
      obtained by ftp-ing to, e.g., directory /pub/aminet, and
      reading the README file found there.
6.2 News Groups

6.3 WWW pages of interest

       Charm Net Personal IP Page at
       Ethernet home page at (in case
      you need to connect more computers)
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