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2. Which One Is for Me? CVS or RCS

CVS actually uses RCS underneath. CVS is a lot more powerful tool and can control a complete source code tree. It is very strongly recommended that you use CVS, because you can greatly customize CVS with scripting languages like PERL, Korn and bash shells. See the sample korn shell scripts at Shell Scripts .

Advantages of CVS:

Disadvantages of CVS:

Advantages of RCS:

Downside of RCS:

This document also has shell scripts which provide simple commands to check-out, check-in, and commit files. See shell scripts at Shell Scripts

For RCS see the RCS mini-howto on the Linux cdrom:

cd /mnt/cdrom/Redhat/RPMS
ls -l howto-6.0-*.noarch.rpm
rpm -qpl howto-6* | grep -i rcs 

or visit

See also the RCS shell scripts at rcs_scripts

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