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7. CVS Documentation

At Unix prompt type:

  1. cvs --help
  2. cvs --help-options
  3. cvs --help-commands
  4. cvs -H checkout
  5. cvs -H commit
  6. man cvs
  7. man tkcvs
  8. Visit
  9. Visit

The tkcvs is the Tcl/Tk GUI interface to CVS. It also has online help. Try the following:

There is also a Windows 95 client for CVS called WinCVS (see: and cyclicsite). WinCVS can be used along with Samba(on cdrom samba*.rpm) -

The essential command are:

7.1 Online Documentation

On Linux systems, you can find the CVS documentation in postscript format at /usr/doc/cvs*/*.ps. Also there is an FAQ and other useful information.

bash# cd /usr/doc/cvs*
bash# gv

7.2 CVS Org Documentation

The documentation on CVS from "CVS Organization" is at

The Official manual for CVS by Cederqvist is at

FAQ for CVS is at

7.3 CVS Training

7.4 CVS Online Textbook

The following CVS textbook is available online.

  1. "CVS Best Practices" Version: 0.5 by Vivek Venugopalan, at

  2. Open Source Development with CVS by Karl Fogel

  3. The Official manual for CVS by Cederqvist is at

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