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15. Netboot

Netboot was written by ZurЭck zu Gero. The main site is at

15.1 Introduction

The following list shows just a few examples of what Netboot can be used for:

For the bootrom to find the kernel image it uses the BOOTP protocol as defined in RFCs and RFCs to get the necessary boot information, and then loads the actual image using the TFTP protocol as defined in RFCs .

The exact specifications for this netboot process can be found

15.2 Mailing list

There exists a mailing list devoted to network booting. To subscribe simply send a mail with the line

subscribe netboot

in it's body to

The subject in the mail header doesn't matter. After subscribing to it, you can send messages into the list by writing a mail to

15.3 Netboot useful links

Netboot mailing list archive is at

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