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5. Software requirements

5.1 Selecting a Kernel

To create a filtering firewall, you don't need any special software. Linux will do. At the time of this writing I'm using RedHat 6.1.

The bilt in Linux firewall have changed several times. If you are using an old Linux kernel (1.0.x or older) geta new copy. These older used ipfwadm from and is no longer supported.

If you are using 2.2.13 or newer you will be using ipchaining as developed by

If you are using the newer 2.4 kernal there is a new firewall utility with more feachers. I will write about this soon.

5.2 Selecting a proxy server

If you want to setup a proxy server you will need one of these packages.

  1. Squid
  2. The TIS Firewall Toolkit (FWTK)
  3. SOCKS

Squid is a great package and works with Linux's Transparent Proxy feature. I will be describing how to setup this server.

AT the time of this writing, Network Associates and Trusted Information System's (TIS) , have merged. So keep watching their web sites for more information about changes. Mean while, the Tool Kit can still be had at.

Trusted Information System put out a collection of programs designed to facilitate firewalling. With this toolkit, you set up one daemon for each service (WWW, telnet ect.) you will be using.

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