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16. Commercial IPX support for Linux.

16.1 Caldera'a Network Desktop

Caldera Inc., produce a Linux distribution that features a range of commercially supported enhancements including fully functional Novell NetWare client support. The base distribution is the well respected Red Hat Linux Distribution and Caldera have added their "Network Desktop" products to this. The NetWare support provides a fully featured Novell NetWare client built on technology licensed from Novell Corporation. The client provides full client access to Novell 3.x and 4.x fileservers and includes features such as NetWare Directory Service (NDS) and RSA encryption.

You can obtain much more information and ordering details from the: Caldera Inc Web Server.

If you work within a Netware 4.x and/or NDS environment then the Caldera Netware Client is the only solution available.

If you have a business critical application for Novell support for Linux then the Caldera product should be something you take a close look at.

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