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2. Disclaimer.

I do not and cannot know everything there is to know about the Linux network software. Please accept and be warned that this document probably does contain errors. Please read any README files that are included with any of the various pieces of software described in this document for more detailed and accurate information. I will attempt to keep this document as error-free and up-to-date as possible. Versions of software are current as at time of writing.

In no way do I or the authors of the software in this document offer protection against your own actions. If you configure this software, even as described in this document and it causes problems on your network then you alone must carry the responsibility. I include this warning because IPX network design and configuration is not always a simple matter and sometimes undesirable interaction with other routers and fileservers can result if you do not design or configure your network carefully. I also include this warning because I was asked to by someone unfortunate enough to have discovered this lesson the hard way.

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