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2. How can I trust Java Decompiler ??!!

For 100% assurance you need a SCIENTIFIC way to validate and trust the Java Decompiler program. The method described in this section will enable the decompiler program to be accepted as "trust-worthy" and reliable.

In order to verify that the decompiler program is regenerating the Java source-code properly, use the following technique -

Generate the class file from the generated source code using the compiler -

bash$ mv myprogram.class myprogram_orig.class
bash$ javac

Now use the unix 'diff' command to compare the two class files -

bash$ diff myprogram.class myprogram_orig.class

Both these files MUST BE IDENTICAL. This verifies that decompiler program is working perfectly. On DOS or Windows 95 you may want to use the free Cygnus Cygwin 'diff' or 'MKS' utilities.

This step gives 100% guarantee and 100% quality assurance and life term or long term WARRANTY on decompiler programs.

It is strongly recommended that you do these steps every time you run decompiler programs.

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