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AJ Lewis


Revision History
Revision 0.52003-02-10Revised by: ajl
Updated Redhat initscript information for 7.0 and above; Added information on removing a partition table from a disk if pvcreate fails; Default PE size is 32MB now; Updated method for snapshotting under XFS.
Revision 0.42002-12-16Revised by: ajl
Updated for LVM 1.0.6
Revision 0.32002-09-16Revised by: ajl
removed example pvmove from Command Operations section - we now just point to the more detailed recipe on pvmove that contains various warnings and such
Revision 0.22002-09-11Revised by: ajl
Updated for LVM 1.0.5 and converted to DocBook XML 4.1.2.
Revision 0.12002-04-28Revised by: gf
Initial conversion from Sistina's LaTeX source and import to tLDP in LinuxDoc format.

This document describes how to build, install, and configure LVM for Linux. A basic description of LVM is also included. This version of the HowTo is for 1.0.6.

Table of Contents
1. Latest Version
2. Disclaimer
3. Authors
1. What is LVM?
2. What is Logical Volume Management?
2.1. Why would I want it?
2.2. Benefits of Logical Volume Management on a Small System
2.3. Benefits of Logical Volume Management on a Large System
3. Anatomy of LVM
3.1. volume group (VG)
3.2. physical volume (PV)
3.3. logical volume (LV)
3.4. physical extent (PE)
3.5. logical extent (LE)
3.6. Tying it all together
3.7. mapping modes (linear/striped)
3.8. Snapshots
4. Acquiring LVM
4.1. Download the source
4.2. Download the development source via CVS
4.3. Before You Begin
4.4. Initial Setup
4.5. Checking Out Source Code
4.6. Code Updates
4.7. Starting a Project
4.8. Hacking the Code
4.9. Conflicts
5. Building the kernel module
5.1. Building a patch for your kernel
5.2. Building the LVM module for Linux 2.2.17+
5.3. Building the LVM modules for Linux 2.4
5.4. Checking the proc file system
6. Boot time scripts
6.1. Caldera
6.2. Debian
6.3. Mandrake
6.4. Redhat
6.5. Slackware
6.6. SuSE
7. Building LVM from the Source
7.1. Make LVM library and tools
7.2. Install LVM library and tools
7.3. Removing LVM library and tools
8. Transitioning from previous versions of LVM to LVM 1.0.6
8.1. Upgrading to LVM 1.0.6 with a non-LVM root partition
8.2. Upgrading to LVM 1.0.6 with an LVM root partition and initrd
9. Common Tasks
9.1. Initializing disks or disk partitions
9.2. Creating a volume group
9.3. Activating a volume group
9.4. Removing a volume group
9.5. Adding physical volumes to a volume group
9.6. Removing physical volumes from a volume group
9.7. Creating a logical volume
9.8. Removing a logical volume
9.9. Extending a logical volume
9.10. Reducing a logical volume
9.11. Migrating data off of a physical volume
10. Disk partitioning
10.1. Multiple partitions on the same disk
10.2. Sun disk labels
11. Recipes
11.1. Setting up LVM on three SCSI disks
11.2. Setting up LVM on three SCSI disks with striping
11.3. Add a new disk to a multi-disk SCSI system
11.4. Taking a Backup Using Snapshots
11.5. Removing an Old Disk
11.6. Moving a volume group to another system
11.7. Splitting a volume group
11.8. Converting a root filesystem to LVM
12. Dangerous Operations
12.1. Restoring the VG UUIDs using uuid_editor
12.2. Sharing LVM volumes
13. Reporting Errors and Bugs
14. Contact and Links
14.1. Mail lists
14.2. Links

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