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Chapter 9. Configuring IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnels

Table of Contents
9.1. Types of tunnels
9.1.1. Static point-to-point tunneling: 6bone
9.1.2. Automatically tunneling
9.1.3. 6to4-Tunneling
9.2. Displaying existing tunnels
9.2.1. Using "ip"
9.2.2. Using "route"
9.3. Setup of point-to-point tunnel
9.3.1. Add point-to-point tunnels
9.3.2. Removing point-to-point tunnels
9.3.3. Numbered point-to-point tunnels
9.4. Setup of 6to4 tunnels
9.4.1. Add a 6to4 tunnel
9.4.2. Remove a 6to4 tunnel

If you want to leave your link you have no IPv6 capable network around you, you need IPv6-in-IPv4 tunneling to reach the world wide IPv6-Internet.

There are some kind of tunnel mechanism and also some possibilities to setup tunnels.

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