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1.8. Requirements for using this HOWTO

1.8.1. Personal prerequisites Experience with Unix tools

You should be familiar with the major Unix tools e.g. grep, awk, find, ... , and know about their most commonly used command-line options. Experience with networking theory

You should know about layers, protocols, addresses, cables, plugs, etc. If you are new to this field, here is one good starting point for you: linuxports/howto/intro_to_networking Experience with IPv4 configuration

You should definitely have some experience in IPv4 configuration, otherwise it will be hard for you to understand what is really going on. Experience with the Domain Name System (DNS)

Also you should understand what the Domain Name System (DNS) is, what it provides and how to use it. Experience with network debugging strategies

You should at least understand how to use tcpdump and what it can show you. Otherwise, network debugging will very difficult for you.

1.8.2. Linux operating system compatible hardware

Surely you wish to experiment with real hardware, and not only read this HOWTO to fall asleep here and there. ;-7)

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