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Chapter 6. Building and installing your own PA-RISC/Linux kernel

Table of Contents
6.1. GCC compiler
6.1.1. native build
6.1.2. cross compiled build
6.2. Kernel configuration
6.2.1. HIL Support
6.2.2. USB Support
6.2.3. PDC Console Support
6.2.4. IDE Devices Support
6.3. Kernel installation

To build a Linux kernel, you need a compiler and the kernel source. The first element is not a trivial thing to find because it depends on how you want to build your kernel. The second is easier since it lies on the official CVS site. First, we will discuss about GCC compiler. Then, the configuration of your build will be explained. The last paragraph will deal with the installation of this new kernel.


We will deal only with a kernel built without modules, to simplify the explanations.

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