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15. Installing RedHat 6.x

This section is written by Dr. Tilmann Bubeck,

I tried hard to install a laptop through PLIP with a RedHat 6.2 but the installer from RedHat is buggy and could not be used for PLIP. I verified that it was already broken in RedHat 6.1, but works in RedHat 5.2 as desired. Patches have been sent to RedHat and will hopefully be applied to the upcoming RedHat 7.0.

So if you want to install a RedHat 6.x over PLIP you must follow these instructions.

The problem is the "bootnet" disk. This disk should be used for PLIP installation but has 2 serious errors:

15.1 Using a fixed "bootnet" disk

Probably the easiest way to solve the above problem is to use a fixed "bootnet" disk. You can get a fixed "bootnet" disk for RedHat 6.2 from

Use the following command to copy the downloaded image to an empty disk:

dd if=bootnet-plip-62.img of=/dev/fd0.

Then insert the disk and turn your computer on. When you come to the point where you must choose your network device driver please do:

15.2 Building your own "bootnet" disk

If the above bootnet disk is not suitable for your needs, I will present a small description of how to transform a standard bootnet disk for using "plip". This description is quite short and is addressed to the advanced user.

By following these instructions, you get a bootnet disk containing all necessary modules and therefore allowing for a PLIP installation. Please follow the instructions elsewhere in this how-to on how to do the installation with the new disk.

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