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21. Need to compile a new kernel ?

Several times during the source server configuration we mentioned that a kernel compilation on the source computer could be needed.

I list the things you need to change or set. If you have never compiled a kernel, read the Kernel-HOWTO.

    Loadable module support  --->
        [*] Enable loadable module support

    General setup  --->
        [*] Networking support
        <M> Parallel port support
        <M>    PC-style hardware

    Networking options  --->
        [*] TCP/IP networking
    Network device support  --->
        [*] Network device support
        <*> Dummy net driver support
        <M> PLIP (parallel port) support
        <*> or <M>  PPP (point-to-point) support 

    Character devices  --->
        <M> Parallel printer support

    Filesystems  --->
        [*] /proc filesystem support
        <*> or <M> ISO 9660 CDROM filesystem support
        Network File Systems  --->
            <*> or <M> NFS filesystem support

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