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7. Administrivia

7.1 New Versions of This Document

New versions of this document will be periodically posted to comp.os.linux.answers and They will also be uploaded to various WWW and FTP sites, including the LDP home page.

New versions of this document will be periodically posted to and comp.os.linux.misc.

The latest version of the Linux Quake HOWTO can always be found at the following sites:

7.2 Distribution Policy

Copyright (c) 1998, Bob Zimbinski, Brett A. Thomas and Mike Hallock. This document may be distributed under the terms set forth in the LDP license at

This HOWTO is free documentation; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the LDP license. This document is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Heck, even if this document kills your dog, it's not our fault.

See the LDP license for more details.

7.3 Revision History

Sections of this document that were updated in the last revision have a ** after the section heading. Sections updated in the revision prior to the last are marked with a ++.

Below is the full revision history of this document. It is not intended to be useful to anyone but the document authors.

     $Log: Quake-HOWTO.sgml,v $
     Revision  1998/12/19 00:56:31  bobz
     Minor typo removed

     Revision  1998/12/19 00:45:01  bobz
     Moved "Other Formats" section to top of the document for better visibility
     Added troubleshooting topic about crashes upon connecting to a server w/different gamedir
     Added mention of RedHat's broken configuration to Mesa sections
     Added details about using the new gl_driver cvar
     Added troubleshooting bit about mouse permissions

     Revision  1998/12/12 05:34:02  bobz
     updated file links for quake2 version 3.20
     URL change for Linux Game Tome
     Added to list of Linux Game sites
     Removed nasty references to /usr/games/quake as installation dir
     Removed info about compiling libc5 libraries for use with Q2
     Added a few sentences about /dev/3dfx and mtrr support in the Q1 & Q2 glide sections.
     Added a warning about using the glide library from 3dfx's site
     mentioned that GLX versions no longer require svgalib
     Updated performance FAQ
     Moved mouse in X tip from Tips to FAQ
     Added Vispatch to Related Software
     Added quakelaunch to Related Software
     Added qplog to Related Software
     Added link to server setup guide at
     Added X color depth FAQ
     Added Quake source code FAQ
     Added new info from JH in Running from X Tip.
     Added fix for POSSIBLE UNKNOWN SCANCODE in glquake
     Minor wording changes and type fixes throughout

     Revision  1998/10/05 21:09:42  bobz
     Fixed a few typos and spelling errors that I missed last time around

     Revision  1998/10/05 19:54:17  bobz
     Removed the long-dead LinQuake page from list of Linux Quake sites
     Removed link
     Minor wording changes throughout
     Added link to svgalib libc5 binary
     Added info about q2 demo
     Updated q2 installation info for the 3.19 release
     moved section about 3.17 textfile problems to the troubleshooting section
     Added part about to QW section
     Added part about GLX client to QW section
     Added part about to Q2 section
     Added part about GLX client to Q2 section
     Updated "slower than windows" FAQ
     Removed obsolete TS tip about glibc & q2
     Removed obsolete TS tip about playing w/CD mounted
     Changed tip about running glquake with
     Added instructions for Q2 mission pack 2
     Added pointer to svgalib libc5 binary
     Added FAQ about svgalib modes in Q2
     Added Cheapo proxy to software section
     Added screen FAQ
     Added qgraph to  software sectoin
     Decided I was lying when I promised a 3Dfx tweak section in the next update

     Revision  1998/09/02 01:35:18  bobz
     Fixed some broken url links
     Restored <author> tag
     added an acknowledgement
     added a reminder to the non-root tip
     added qlog listing

     Revision  1998/08/30 21:35:23  bobz
     Updated QuakeWorld install section for 2.30 release
     Updated QW file list
     Updated Quake 1.01 install info per email suggestion
     Added QW 2.30 caveat to "Glibc considerations" section
     Updated linux vs. windows speed section for new 3dfx miniport
     Added glqwcl versions FAQ
     Added troubleshooting tip about windows focus and glx
     Added a sentence about /dev/3dfx permissions
     Made runvc script usage clearer
     Added tip about using mini-driver with Quake & QuakeII

     Revision  1998/08/15 19:28:49  bobz
     Added glibc topic in Troubleshooting/FAQ section
     Moved non-setuid info to Tips & Tricks section
     Moved rcs log into Revision Hist section
     Changed distribution info a little until LDP wakes up
     Changed references to to
     Added to list of places to get current version
     Changed 3dfx Howto pointer
     Moved explanation of change markings (** and ++) to intro section where they'll be noticed
     Mentioned zoid's GL driver port in the Win vs Linux FAQ
     Fixed credit and URL in q2getty

     Revision  1998/08/07 19:07:02  bobz
     Changed XQF url
     Added comments to the revision history section
     Started marking changed sections
     Added OS Considerations to troubleshooting section
     Added rcon to Other Software section
     Added ICE to Other Software section

     Revision  1998/08/04 21:06:22  bobz
     Updated Acknowledgements
     Added discussion of Quake security
     Added QIPX to "Related Software"
     Added ts topic about -noudp
     Revision  1998/08/03 22:09:28  bobz
     Updated and restructured the q2 mods section
     Minor change to gpm troubleshooting info
     Changed sound ts info
     Changed intellimouse ts info
     Revision  1998/08/03 04:55:21  mikeh
     Added "Playing" section of Q2 Mods & Addons section.
     Added "Intelimouse" section of Troubleshooting section
     Added RedHat sndconfig part to Troubleshooting section
     Fixed a few spacing problems, and one error message
     Revision  1998/08/03 02:01:13  bobz
     Changed abstract.
     Revision  1998/07/31 16:07:11  bobz
     Added gpm -k mention in mouse troubleshooting
     mentioned 'sensitivity' in mouse lag troubleshooting
     Added qstat|less tip
     Added "/dev/dsp not configured" to troubleshooting
     Slightly reworded part of the mod compiling section
     Added bit about running mods server side
     corrected required version # in q2 mission pack 1
     Updated acknowledgements section
     Revision  1998/07/30 21:08:46  bobz
     Fixed a problem with broken lines in <sect> tags
     Revision  1998/07/30 17:40:29  bobz
     Fixed broken link to Latex version.
     Revision  1998/07/30 15:46:40  bobz
     Test update.
     Revision  1998/07/30 15:43:59  bobz
     Changed version numbering scheme.
     Revision 1.10  1998/07/30 13:51:24  bobz
     Minor version reporting change
     Revision 1.9  1998/07/29 20:42:03  bobz
     Added some server links
     Revision 1.8  1998/07/29 17:37:15  bobz
     Added a Quake II model viewer to the Other Programs section
     Revision 1.7  1998/07/29 16:02:23  bobz
     Added some relative links in Other Formats to make it
     more portable.

     Revision 1.6  1998/07/29 15:18:12  bobz
     Version and date stamps back to the way they were
     Revision 1.5  1998/07/29 14:52:03  bobz
     Added tags for automatic timestamping
     Revision 1.4  1998/07/29 13:17:51  bobz
     Changed's web address per webmaster's request

     Revision 1.3  1998/07/29 02:11:02  bobz
     Ooops again.  Made "Other formats" a <sect> instead of a <sect1>.

     Revision 1.2  1998/07/29 01:55:41  bobz
     Oops.  I deleted the doctype tag...
     Revision 1.1  1998/07/29 01:48:34  bobz
     Added Other Formats section.
     Changed acknowledgments slightly
     Added to list of ftp sites.
     Revision 1.0 1998/07/28
     First publicly released version
     Revision 0.9 1998/07/25
     Restructured,rewritten and expanded by Bob Zimbinski.
     Revision 0.01 1998/06/16
     First Pre-Release version v0.01by Brett A. Thomas and Mike Hallock.

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