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Building and Installing Software Packages for Linux

Mendel Cooper ---

v1.91, 27 July 1999

This is a comprehensive guide to building and installing "generic" UNIX software distributions under Linux. Additionally, there is some coverage of "rpm" and "deb" pre-packaged binaries.

1. Introduction

2. Unpacking the Files

3. Using Make

4. Prepackaged Binaries

5. Termcap and Terminfo Issues

6. Backward Compatibility With a.out Binaries

7. Troubleshooting

8. Final Steps

9. First Example: Xscrabble

10. Second Example: Xloadimage

11. Third Example: Fortune

12. Fourth Example: Hearts

13. Fifth Example: XmDipmon

14. Where to Find Source Archives

15. Final Words

16. References and Further Reading

17. Credits

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