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Jacques Gelinas,

v1.2, 2001-12-01

Umsdos is a linux file system. It provide an alternative to the EXT2 file-system. Its main goal is to achieve easier coexistence with Ms-DOS data by sharing the same partition. This document explain first how to use Umsdos in different configuration, and later explain its operation and try to provide some information letting you decide if it is a good choice for you (see UMSDOS-WHY-TO at the end).

1. Copyright and License

2. UMSDOS: Where is it ?

3. Umsdos as your root partition

4. Different topics about the operation of Umsdos

5. How to boot a Umsdos system

6. Basic principle

7. Installation/UN-installation and some tricks

8. Setting a Linux section in a DOS partition


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