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6. Practical suggestions

Finally, I want to make some very practical, even mundane, suggestions for anyone wanting to found, maintain, or grow a LUG.

6.1 LUG support organizations

There are several organizations that offer assistance to local LUGs.


Groups of Linux Users Everywhere is a user group coordination and support program started by SSC, the same people who publish Linux Journal. The GLUE program is an inexpensive way for a local LUG to provide some benefits to its membership.

Linux Systems Labs

LSL offers their Tri-Linux Disk set (Three Linux distributions on four CDs: Red Hat, Slackware, and Debian) to LUGs for resale at a considerable discount.

Linux Mall User Group Program

Sponsored by WorkGroup Solutions, the Linux Mall User Group Program offers a range of benefits for participating User Groups. LUGs are also free to participate in Linux Mall's Referral Program as well.

Cleveland Linux User's Group

Owns the Internet domain, They will provide your LUG an Internet domain name at More information may be found at LUG.NET or by e-mailing Jeff Garvas.

Red Hat Software's User Group Program

Assists LUGs to develop and grow. More information may be found at Red Hat Web site

6.2 Founding a LUG

6.3 Maintaining and growing a LUG

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