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Secure CVS Pserver Mini-HOWTO

Morgon Kanter


February 2003

Revision History
Revision 1.12003-03-21Revised by: mk
Fixed a missing link and added a section on CVSGrab
Revision 1.02003-02-01Revised by: mk
Initial Release, reviewed by LDP.

This document will help you set up a more secure CVS Pserver for anonymous CVS access.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Getting the tools
2.1. What you need
2.2. Compiling the tools
3. Setting up the tools
3.1. Creating the CVS Repository
3.2. Setting up the jail
3.3. Adding anonymous access
3.4. Not quite done yet! Changing lock file locations
4. Alternatives to the Pserver
4.1. Access for developers
4.2. Anonymous CVS access by http
4.3. CVSGrab
5. Acknowledgements
6. GNU Free Documentation License

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