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2. Introduction

This document is divided into four basic sections each describing how to install a bare-bones Linux system on a 100MB ZIP disk using a printer port ZIP drive. The first section describes how to set up the ZIP disk and is common to both Red Hat and Slackware distribution installations. The second, third, and fourth sections describe how to install Red Hat 4.2, Slackware 2.2, and Debian 1.2 distributions, respectively, onto the ZIP disk.

NOTE: I realize that Red Hat 5.0 has been released now, but between classes and work, well let's just say that it may be late May before I can get around to work on it. I also, hopefully, will be testing out the other distributions.

2.1 What's new

I've finally found enough time (although I really should be studying for a sociology test...) to update this document. Thanks for all who emailed me with comments.

New to this document:

2.2 Conventions

Indicates the following text are commands:

==> Indicates something noteworthy:


Indicates a screen shot/capture:

      Text here.

2.3 Updates

For any updates, however rare they may be, please check:

2.4 References


Slackware 2.2 section courtesy of Michael Littlejohn

Debian 1.2 section courtesy of John D. Blair

LILO information and many other helpful insight courtesy of Darcy Boese and Javier Rodriguez

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