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Chapter 58. Contributing

This document, like so much of the great software out there, was created for free by volunteers. If you are at all knowledgeable about any aspect of Gtk-Perl that does not already have documentation, please consider contributing to this document.

If you do decide to contribute, please mail your text to Stephen Wilhelm, . Be aware that the entirety of this document is free (see the copyright notice ), and any addition that you provide must also be free. That is, people may use any portion of your examples in their programs, and copies of this document may be distributed at will, etc.

The only other thing I require of contributed work, is that the Gtk-Perl style of examples matche the style I use in this Tutorial. Its not that I think I have the One True Style, but because I feel consistency is important for beginners.

This document is written using DocBook so if you wish to contribute something large (like a chapter), it would be helpful if the contribution was made in DocBook SGML or XML.

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