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Chapter 27. Option Menu

Inheritance Hierarchy

   +--- Widget
         +--- Container
               +--- Bin
                     +--- Button
                           +--- OptionMenu

An OptionMenu is a widget that allows the user to select from a valid set of choices. The current choice is shown in the OptionMenu, and if the user clicks on the OptionMenu, it displays a popup menu consisting of all the valid choices.

This simple widget is creating using:

$option = new Gtk::OptionMenu();

To add a menu, create a new popup menu, as described in the section on the menu widget , without any tearoffs, submenus, or accelerators, and add it to the OptionMenu using:

$option->set_menu( $popup_menu );

As you might suspect, you can retrieve the menu associated with an OptionMenu using:

$popup_menu = $option->get_menu();

If you want to remove a menu from an OptionMenu, you may do so with:


Finally, if you want to select an item in the menu, you would use:

$option->set_history( $index );

where $index is the index of the menu item to select. The index value ranges from 0 (first item) to n-1, where n is the number of items in the menu.

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