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Выпуск 6.2.1

v6.2.1 is a bug-fix and usability release on v6.2.


This is a minor bug-fix release on v6.2. For upgrades from pre-v6.2 systems, a full dump/reload is required. Refer to the v6.2 release notes for instructions.

Migration from v6.2 to v6.2.1

This is a minor bug-fix release. A dump/reload is not required from v6.2, but is required from any release prior to v6.2.

In upgrading from v6.2, if you choose to dump/reload you will find that avg(money) is now calculated correctly. All other bug fixes take effect upon updating the executables.

Another way to avoid dump/reload is to use the following SQL command from psql to update the existing system table:

  update pg_aggregate set aggfinalfn = 'cash_div_flt8'
   where aggname = 'avg' and aggbasetype = 790;

This will need to be done to every existing database, including template1.

Подробный список изменений

Changes in this release
Allow TIME and TYPE column names(Thomas)
Allow larger range of true/false as boolean values(Thomas)
Support output of "now" and "current"(Thomas)
Handle DEFAULT with INSERT of NULL properly(Vadim)
Fix for relation reference counts problem in buffer manager(Vadim)
Allow strings to span lines, like ANSI(Thomas)
Fix for backward cursor with ORDER BY(Vadim)
Fix avg(cash) computation(Thomas)
Fix for specifying a column twice in ORDER/GROUP BY(Vadim)
Documented new libpq function to return affected rows, PQcmdTuples(Bruce)
Trigger function for inserting user names for INSERT/UPDATE(Brook Milligan)

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