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12. Acknowledgments and Administrivia

Q: Where To Send Comments
Q: Formats in Which This FAQ Is Available
Q: Authorship and Acknowledgments
Q: Disclaimer and Copyright

A: Please send comments to the maintainer: David Merrill.

Contributions to the FAQ may be in any format. Comments and corrections are gratefully received.

If you wish to refer to a question in the FAQ, it's better to do so by the question heading instead of number. The question numbers are generated automagically, and I don't see them in the source file.

I prefer comments in English to patch files. Context diff is not my first language.

A: This FAQ is compiled and maintained by David Merrill,, with assistance and comments from Linux activists all over the world.

It was maintained by Robert Kiesling until January, 2002

Freddy Contreras,, designed and GPL'd the Linux Frequently Asked Questions logos that appear on

Special thanks are due to Matt Welsh, who moderated comp.os.linux.announce and comp.os.linux.answers, coordinated the HOWTO's and wrote substantial portions of many of them, Greg Hankins the former Linux Documentation Project HOWTO maintainer, Lars Wirzenius and Mikko Rauhala, the former and current moderators of comp.os.linux.announce, Marc-Michel Corsini, who wrote the original Linux FAQ, and Ian Jackson, the previous FAQ maintainer. Thanks also to Roman Maurer for his many updates and additions, especially with European Web sites, translations, and general miscellany.

Last but not least, thanks to Linus Torvalds and the other contributors to Linux for giving us something to talk about!

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