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4. Printing as PDF

After typing some text in KWord, do the following to get a PDF:

  1. Press Print Preview; if the output is okay, the PDF will be okay. If not, the font conversion was faulty, so check it again (especially the use of forceiso).

  2. Word-wrapping in the "Preview" window and in KWord may look different. If this is unaccptable then it needs to be adjusted manually. The PDF will always appear as shown in the "Preview."

  3. Press Print and a box will appear. Press System Options... and select Embed fonts in PostScript data when printing. Then click OK.

  4. From the printer selection list select Print To File (PDF/Acrobat). Change the output file's name or leave it unchanged.

  5. Now press Print. It may take a while for the box to disappear and the PDF to be created.

  6. Now check the PDF with any PDF viewer.

  7. A good utility to use here is pdffonts to check whether the Bangla font has really been embeded in the newly created PDF.

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