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5. RedHat Peculiarities

In some places, the previous descriptions are not applicable to RedHat. These differences are described below:

  1. While installing new font(s), the fontpath was supposed to be included in the "Files" section of XF86Config. In the case of RedHat this is not needed at all. There is a script called chkfontpath to do this. With chkfontpath, add a fontpath like this:

	$ chkfontpath -a /usr/local/share/fonts/ttfonts/bijoy/ 

    And remove a fontpath like this:

	$ chkfontpath -r /usr/local/share/fonts/ttfonts/bijoy/ 

    If chkfontpath doesn't show any error messages then the font(s) become available or unavailable just after executing it. But even for RedHat, there is no need to add a TrueType fontpath as "Xft" itself makes the fonts avilable to KWord. So use of chkfontpath for TrueType is optional.


    Just for reference, in the case of RedHat, the fontpaths are added in /etc/X11/fs/config and not in XF86Config or XF86Config-4.

  2. To use the Bijoy keyboard, the "InputDevice" section of XF86Config needs editing. For RedHat it's a different file, XF86Config-4 (i.e. /etc/X11/XF86Config-4).

  3. The only use of TrueType was stated as low quality PDF creation from MS Word files, for printing only. Unfortunately KWord failed to open any MS Word files in RedHat, let alone create PDFs. Don't know why.

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