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23.3. Online information

23.3.1. Join the IPv6 backbone

More to be filled later...suggestions are welcome! Global registries Major regional registries

Also a list of major (prefix length 35) allocations per local registry is available here: Ripe NCC / IPv6 allocations. Tunnel brokers

Note: A list of available Tunnel broker can be found in the section Tunnel broker below.

See also here for more information and URLs:

23.3.2. Latest news

More to be filled later...suggestions are welcome!

23.3.3. Protocol references IPv6-related Request For Comments (RFCs)

Publishing the list of IPv6-related RFCs is beyond the scope of this document, but given URLs will lead you to such lists: Current drafts of working groups

Current (also) IPv6-related drafts can be found here: Others

23.3.4. More information

More to be filled later...suggestions are welcome! Linux related per distribution

For more see the IPv6+Linux Status Distributions page. General

Something missing? Suggestions are welcome! Market Research Patents

23.3.5. By countries Austria Australia Belgium

  • BELNET: the Belgian Research Network

  • Euronet: one of the biggest ISP's of Belgium... Brasilia Czech Germany France India Italy Japan Korea

  • ETRI: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institut

  • IPv6 Forum Korea: Korean IPv6 Deployment Project Mexico

  • IPv6 Mexico (spain & english version): IPv6 Project Hompeage of The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Netherland

  • SURFnet: SURFnet IPv6 Backbone

  • STACK, STACK (IPv6): Students' computer association of the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland

  • collaboration between WiseGuys and Intouch Russia Switzerland

  • SWITCH: The Swiss Education & Research Network United Kingdom

23.3.6. By operating systems Cisco IOS Compaq HPUX IBM ZebOS

23.3.7. IPv6 Security

23.3.8. Application lists Analyzer tools

  • Ethereal - Ethereal is a free network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows

  • Radcom RC100-WL - Download Radcom RC100-WL protocol analyzer version 3.20 IPv6 Products

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