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23.4. IPv6 Infrastructure

23.4.1. Statistics

23.4.2. Internet Exchanges

Another list of IPv6 Internet Exchanges can be found here: IPv6 Exchanges Web Site Estonia

  • TIX (tallinn interneti exchange with ipv6 support) Europe

  • Euro6IX, European IPv6 Internet Exchange Backbone France Germany

  • INXS: (Cable & Wireless) Munich and Hamburg Japan Korea Netherlands

  • AMS-IX: Amsterdam Internet Exchange UK USA

  • 6TAP: Chicago. Supports peerings around the globe.

  • NY6IX: New York City IPv6 based Internet Exchange

  • 6IIX: New York, Los Angeles and Santa Clara

  • PAIX: Palo Alto

23.4.3. Tunnel broker Belgium Canada China Estonia Europe Germany Japan Malaysia Netherlands

  • XS26 - "Access to Six" - with POPs in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany and Hungary.

  • IPng Netherland - Intouch, SurfNet, AMS-IX, UUNet, Cistron, RIPE NCC and AT&T are connected at the AMS-IX. It is possible (there are requirements...) to get an static tunnel.

  • SURFnet Customers Norway Switzerland UK USA More Tunnel brokers...

23.4.4. Native IPv6 Services

Note: These services are only available with a valid IPv6 connection! Game Server IRC Server

  • Cyconet (Cyconet IRCnet Servers over IPv6) Radio Stations, Music Streams Webserver

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