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This text describes the PDF creation process using KWord with the Bijoy2000 fonts and Bijoy keyboard, for working in the Bangla language. It is assumed that the reader is a user of Bijoy2000 software (typically used in Bangladesh) or at least has access to Bijoy2000 fonts.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Copyright & License
1.2. Minimum Requirements
2. Fonts
2.1. TrueType to Type1 Conversion
2.2. Font Installation
2.3. On Using TrueType
3. Keyboard
3.1. Using The Bijoy Keyboard
3.2. Writing Ligatures
4. Printing as PDF
5. RedHat Peculiarities
6. Other Resources
6.1. Useful tools
6.2. Useful Links & References
7. Acknowledgments

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